Bluesman Chuck Fraher
and The Union Blues Band

Under the direction of  Dan Carlin Fulwiler

Chuck Fraher ; Lead Guitar, vocals, lyrics, harmonica
Skip Hahn ; Drums
Lester McFarland: Bass
Andrew Kirby; Keyboard
Dan The Wah Wah Man; Rythm Guitar

I met Chuck Fraher, playing with  Dan's Union Blues Band, and had a chance to play again  with a previous bandmate, Bob Gulley- in a later version of the band called Mo-Fo.  This was over a period of a few years around the time of a "Carlin and Hahn"  CD,  released in 1995.

Here is Bluesman Charles "Chuck"  Fraher (aka Jason Ball, and HOTRODCHARLIE.US) guitar, vocals, Inventor of the Bluestube harmonica mic pickup
singing a totally spontaneous "My Car, My Baby" 
off the cuff...  which is the way we like to do, sometimes.

This was at the Mission Viejo Vintage Car Show,
you can even hear a Harley chopper starting up 
as the song gets underway.

Recently Chuck relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada
You can find more about some of what he might be up to at the link below