By Jason Ball

The unique harmonica pickup, jack and holder with volume control for musicians who play harmonica and want an authentic handheld microphone sound while having the hands free to accompany themselves on guitar, piano, percussion and any non-wind instrument.

Sound: With overdrive or cleartone amplification: you'll be able to get a thick, robust and powerful muted harmonica sound without touching the Blues Tube with your hands:
and accomodate virtually any style of music from Folk to Blues and beyond.
On stage or in the studio the Blues Tube sounds superb.

Mic Element (Chrome Model): A hi-impedance, hi-output dynamic cardioid cartridge set very close to the mounted harmonica. This close proximity mic design will put your harp on top of the stage mix, with very low feedback, and make distortion through any guitar amp or adjustable preamp easily obtainable.

Mic Element (Gold Model): A medium output, hi-impedance crystal-type mic element with its own characteristic sweet brass reed tone. Combined with the Blues Tube body design, you will achieve a classic (amp overdrive) Chicago blues harp sound; gritty and reedy, or the classic clear tone harmonica sound: sweet, vibrant and resonant. All the while maintaining a hand cupped tone without the use of your hands.

Jack: Convenient 1/4" standard mono jack uses standard shielded audio cords. No messy hard-wired cord to wrap around the Blues Tube body. Just unplug and store your audio cord neatly away.

FREE YOURSELF from having to hold the harmonica with your hands because the Blues Tube is here, and nothing quite like it exists. With its compact and unusual double tube design, the Blues Tube fits perfectly into standard harp braces and mic stands with Blues Tube mic stand clip or goose neck and sideways mounted alligator mic clips. Now you'll be able to play two instruments at the same time.

LOADING new harp keys is fast and easy whether the Blues Tube is on or off the harmonica brace or mic stand.

HAND HELD: The Blues Tube has a perfectly placed easy-access volume control. It is one of the smallest and most compact harp pickups available; with an authentic built-in muted sound.

Suggested List Price: $269.95   Web Special $239.00  U.S.Funds (Insured Postage Paid)
For information on Blues Tube accessories, replacements, or orders, please call:
Blues TubeTM   (702) 759-0033