What started as... Two Moons
who are
Andrew and Mary Kate Kirby, from Dallas, Texas meeting Skip in California, when they worked together

in a blues band run by a local bandleader,  had Andy on Keyboard and Kate on congas,  Skip on drums, other players on guitars and bass.
When the night ended, they got together at A&K's apartment, not far away,  jammed a little bit. The three inxtictively
formed a trio which happened to be well-versed in harmony.
Playfully working at breaking the boundaries set by the classic rock masters...

Two Moons became Tu Moons...
Then became
"The Ravages Of Time"

Andrew Kirby
The newly redubbed
"TU Moons" at first,
played out with Andy and Kate on 12 and 6-string Acoustic guitars
with Skip on  piano

They performed several shows at the Gem Theater in Garden Grove,Ca,

and a couple other venues, for the 'Live' Magazine music showcases at that time

Tu Moons evolved into a raw electric sound,
"...with Andy playing  fuzz guitar,  KATE on bass, percussion, and  SKIP on electronic drums... all done in headphones... "
Until hatching into a new incarnation called  RAVAGES OF TIME
No longer working in Skip's apartment living room, next to an early-to-bed, early-to-rise neighbor...  "Andy and Kate had just moved to where they now had a small bedroom in which they were able to arrange albeit a down-sized studio, we were able to  set up the band in the room with the recording equipment, and a 5-piece set of acoustic drums. We were there for a year maybe..." 
Then, expanding from 8 to 16 inputs, sometime during the period in the next house on California street in Huntington Beach,  using the largest room with a small room next to it,  we were able to separate the guitar mic from the drum mics better. Still too much bleed left us wanting more, or actually less as the case may be.
Another move to a home, this time into the master bedroom of the house which happened to be next to the landlord's home. Seemed we were always "roughing it", but evetually this room got treated, and things started sounded a lot better..
Still, not "anal-yzing"  it too much, we kept it as spontaneous as possible, with a "fixing it in the mix" type of writing process: getting the basic inspirations and ideas to tracks as they flow (asap) then go back to fill in the blanks.  There are currently hundreds of songs waiting to be revisited,...__

Kate Kirby
Skip Hahn

2011  Moving into video production and placement
on YouTube would begin and continue into 2012...

Then, later that year A&K had decided to split the eco-befuddled state of California for their homestate,Texas...

Turning around and working with all the tracks
We have recorded over the past few years,
there is much left to be done...

Now Playing- 'Never Been There'
Andrew-fuzz guitar/keys/vocals;
Kate -bass/guitar/vocals;

We list all songs as written Kirby-Hahn-Kirby, but obviously we each are most involved with the songs we happen to sing...