Tu Moons / Ravages Of Time - Lyrics - MP3s
From "Proposed" CDs:
"Tu Amuze" 2002 

Now Playing: The Alien/ Kate Vocal, Andy and Skip Keyboards

Andrew, Kate and Skip each anticipate what the others will play,
and since spontaneous artists they are,  everything is recorded as it happens.
usually 10-12 tracks per cd, per hour, over a few hours time, sometimes up to 3 discs full.
Arrangements are done, rough spots are smoothed, overdubs recorded, usually at another time, altogether.
 All Songs (Kirby-Hahn-Kirby)

 "Never heard of them... but worth a listen"
(unknown quote)

These were done in headphones with electronic drums,
guitar and bass direct from Boss Gt pedals, with click track. With a linear recorder. 

Tugether (mp3)
Tu Amuzing (mp3)
Nu Ground (mp3)
Wize Guy(mp3)
Little Mister (mp3)
A Merry Time Of Misrule (mp3)
It's A Little Bit More Than That (mp3)
Alone (mp3)
Can't Give Up (mp3)
Orange County (mp3)
Tustin And The 22 (mp3)
Sin City  (mp3)

Vintage ROT ______________

"Changing The Face Of Donuts"
"It's hard work"

Mainly Guitars/ Vocals/ Keys/ Riffs/ Artworks/ recording engineer;  Andrew Kirby  (except where noted)

Bass/ Vocals/ Riffs/ Album Concepts/ Pics/
Technical ; Kate Archer (except where noted) ;

Drums/ Keys/ Vocals/ Guitars / Remixing/ Pics ; Skip Hahn  (except where noted)

With over 300 CD's 
of jamming, performing original songs, even a comedy skit or two, with an average of ten tracks each, Tu Moons had been thru boot camp of their own making with backlog that time was not going to permit releasing...
I Don't Want Out (mp3)
Everlasting (mp3)
Tu Christmas (mp3)
Disappointment Of Reality (mp3)
Soundbox (mp3)
Take A Moment (mp3)
American Dream (mp3)
Don't Speed (mp3)
The Ravages Of Time got some real drums,  and a place to play them, some loud
guitar and bass amps, still using headphones, now also for hearing protection, but monitoring each other, and lastly, but perhaps the most important, the click track.
Still, no great mics, or even any preamps, but at least into Pro Tools le using their standard interface...

2011- An Hundred more cd's worth of recorded of live jams 16-tracks this time, T-ROT had to give up accumulating all this material that needed to be dealt with,  it was only natural to graduate to video experimentation... A work in progress. Posted on YouTube

Other Proposed Forthcoming Release(s) 2004 
Fragile World (mp3)
Rise N' Shine (mp3)
You Are The Moon (mp3)
Life Happens (mp3)
Don't Want To Go There (mp3)
More Recently 2005-6-7 (Still, in 2012 representing deep history, some fond memories)

The World, so busy with it's many affairs, may never know much or even any of what went on here, in our little corner..

Flood Of Confusion(mp3)
Talk Down To Me(mp3)
Rock On!(Let The Mutha' Play)(mp3)
All The Time Gone(mp3)
Testing Levels(mp3)

Dec 2007-Feb 2008- 
 (Featuring Chris Robis on electric guitar)   

Xcerpt from week 3 (last two tracks 14-15)

1 track from our 4th week as ROBOROT