The Beginning
Skip Hahn

Tahoe w/ Society '83

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My first musical influences came from
hearing  the music my mom loved to listen to.
She had 12" vinyl "Long Play" records by
Duane Eddy

and some movie soundtracks;

  from Exodus 
and South Pacific

Following some trying times during my growing up,  my mom got the idea to take me to guitar lessons. I went almost weekly for about 7 years of instruction from Sam Bass, who was teaching at Wynn's Music in Tustin, California.

A few years later, I got a year of  piano lessons with Jim Wynn...
  Enough, that is that when the band was suddenly needing a keyboardist, I got the chance to "double" on keys.

There was a course I took called  Solfege (ear training and coordination) in College.
All along,  I had learned by picking out the parts by ear from popular records., so it was almost easy for me.

In 1995, I got 8 months of country-oriented pedal-steel guitar lessons with Blackie Taylor giving me another instrument to tinker with...

My Great Grandfather, Ernest "Bromp" Abel, on my mother's side of the family, was a master musician, who played many instruments well.
I heard him play harmonica when he was in the hospital, his last year alive...
It was unbelievable what he could do with that little "horn"
We also had some of those old 78 rpm records with jazz and popular music from the 1920's to about the 1940's...
From the first encounter with ensemble playing, Dynamic Duo
  I began writing songs.
By 1965, I would begin learning about the recording process. Still learning...

The years have flown by, and many bands have come and gone, and some continue to grow. I am so fortunate to have music, to keep me out of trouble...
Thanks Mom
Elementary school my friends, Jim Newby, Moss Parker, Mike Scruggs, and a couple others, and I used to march around the soccer/football field, singing 3 & 4-part harmony with songs we were hearing on the radio, from groups like The Four Seasons, and the Beach Boys
Growing up, my cover bands were covering music of the Beatles, Hendrix, Cream, Spirit,
Three Dog Night, The Young Rascals, CSN&Y, 

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