The Dynamic Duo
Jim Newby and Skip Hahn

Page one of my virtual
Scrapbook, mainly for my own recollection when the memory starts to fail...

The Dynamic Duo was my first combo experience after I had taken monthly guitar lessons a while.

When I ran into Jim Newby, I felt I could barely play guitar.  Jim played drums, and was about my age. We went to the local grammar school, fifth grade, in the housing tract where we both lived. Jim urged me to start playing with him as a combo, and write music... We "jammed" and I improvised a couple Surf melodies and Jim brought them to life with a his beats. It was amazing to me hoew much fun it was. We later performed the songs at a school function. I was terrified, pretty much from the start. He seemed to know what to do, so I just followed him. Jim is a versatile, talented musician, and even in those days a skilled graphic artist (now retired).

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We each continued learning music for a few years, jamming with different players, experimenting with fresh names like The Laurels  and The Lemons and eventually found two players in our area with whom we expanded into our first band, The Monacles.  Marlow Hendrix and Phil Gray played guitar and drums, so
Jim moved to bass...

I didn't start playing drums till I was 16, but Jim definitely inspired me to try different instruments.

With Marlow and Phil we became
The Monacles   playing at teen centers, some Armed Forces bases, United Artist's Theaters...

I lost track of all the guys when my family moved to another town, and saw Jim
once at a Superbowl party at Brian Bevilaqua's Jam.
Since those groovy, growing-up days,
Jim has moved to Oregon,
Marlow has moved to Elsinore, CA
Phil has settled in Henderson, NV