Voice Parachute

This was Whil Harlin's band.
He wrote tunes and sang and played acoustic guitar...

Whil booked the band for a few gigs over the year we jammed together:
Tom Alderman; keys, guitars, vocals
Fletcher Perkins; bass and harmonica, vocals

Skip; Drums, vocals

We played at the Coach House (San Juan Capistrano,CA)
and The Galaxie (Costa Mesa,CA) a couple times...

The usual opening tune ...
"Don't Know If I Made It Back At All"

This one recorded at Tom's studio on a Roland VS-880.

Then there was the time we played at the Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Whil Harlin/ guitar, vocals---
Tom Alderman/ Keys, Guitar vocals---
Gary Whitehead (from Manitoba Brothers Band) / Bass---
Skip/ Drums, vocals