A Tahoe Trio
Ditte, Simonian, and Hahn

In Upper Truckee, Lake Tahoe one summer,
three members of East Virginia became a new jam band

Jay Ditte on sax, keys, vocals, flute, 
Mark Simonian on drums, and percussion,
 and I played guitar and keys and sang.

  We had been hanging out jamming and writing,and recording... and living in Huntington Beach, CA.  It was a good
time.  I had sort of dropped college after a semester or two.  Jay and his wife Sherry would let me sleep on the couch,
 or I just slept in my van when I had to... it was a journey...


In Tahoe, we rehearsed again, for the gig at the local Chalet,
but the music was  becoming harder for me to bear as we tried to work out
tunes, and I just was not into it...
I split and did the gig with John Davino on drums
and you know, it just left a bad impression, and I regret that I did it that way.
Sorry, kids don't make the same mistake.
Maintain your integrity, "Maintain" as we used to say...