SSQ ; Stacey Q
Karl Moet played drums, keys; Rich West played keys, Jon St. James played guitar for the first year (SSQ),
then  started handling the production, promotion, and still recording parts on different instruments; Skip - Bass, Guitar and Keyboards (Synthesizers), backing vocals,
Dubbed by the group "Designated Hands"
Meanwhile, on-the-side, bread and butter was
their producing 'sound-alike' background tracks

for MTM (Mary Tyler Moore) Productions,  "Hill St. Blues";
"St. Elsewhere", WKRP...

Also incidental /and theme music for  movies "Cave Girl", and "Night Of the Living Dead"...

After about 5 years of 'development in general' with the band,
The group enjoyed some chart action with "Two Of Hearts" #1 on the then-new "Dance" chart ,
and it was #3 on The Billboard Hot 100 for 1987. Videos were done for several songs.

A later SSQ track Skip put vocals to...These were the years when MIDI was just being introduced and implemented...Ancient History
Here are Some You Tube videos of shows
including Playback (SSQ) Two Of Hearts , "We Connect"
And we did a couple late night talk shows, and Solid Gold
Several late night T.V. shows, like The Joan Rivers' Talk Show,
One of the two times on the show, Howie Mandel hosted. They did "Solid Gold " this year,  too.

(Here are some of my photos of Stacey shooting video scenes for Insecurity)

"Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself" was used on an episode  of "Full House".
Stacey even had a bit part in that show, and "Facts Of Life", and a couple movies...see the link, above

Skip enlisted the help of Luthier Johnny GO-Go of Red Duck Music,
(with design help from Dave-O Brown of Whittier (1987) to build the "Q-Axe"
for concerts in the U.S. and Japan, Korea (1987)
That year  " Two Of Hearts " was on the charts,  on
the 'vinyl LP album' or CD: "Better Than Heaven" (Atlantic-1987)