Pure Joy

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Myron "Mike" Hughes played bass, keys with left-hand bass,
and guitars and sang lead and backing vocals,
Irvin "Irv" Argeonton played drums and sang lead 
(and the high harmony vocals),
Dan Fulwiler  was there for a time, playing guitar and singing.
I played guitar, & keys (often with left hand bass), and sang lead and backing vocals.
We wrote a few songs, none of which have survived my many moves, 
through lack of archiving those early days. 

And then we all graduated from high school, and moved on.

We covered songs by
Crosby, Stills, Nash &Young, Cream, Hendrix, Traffic, Spirit, Chicago, Stones
and other such artists, (we excelled at 3-part harmony vocals)
The band spent every weekend playing high schools, local teen clubs, parties,
& the local Air Force/Marine/Army bases. We were one of the best groups around.
The trio with 3-part harmony is the model for my ideal band, today.
I have always been fortunate enough to play with really good players like these guys...