The Nite Magic Band

"Touring The East Coast"

With , John McKinney-Keys , vocals
His wife Darlene sang lead and harmony vocals, 
Richard Pitts and later, Bill Reinhart played drums- 
I played bass, and guitar, sang vocals.

I answered an ad in the local paper for a bass player/singer,
the band was playing at the Ramada, a mile down the road. 
I carried my '75 Fender fretless P-bass, and '65 Bassman head
and walked to
the audition.

Cheese is the word...
L-R Darlene, John, Bill, Skip
We were "On the road"
We played Holiday Inns, and Ramada Inns, 
and we lived in the rooms they gave us. 
Fortunately, I always got my own room.
It was the Disco era, and we played a variety of music 
from Disco to Country...
We were always booked up North in the Winter, down South in the Summer.
But we were glad to be working.

There were some good times over the years, regardless. 

When we came off the road,
Bill Reinhart and I rented an apartment in
Lancaster, Pa. for a while, and used it as a
studio, for jams, writing, recording.
I walked a mile to be a janitor
in the Park City Mall by day,
jamming with local musicians, by night.
That is where I was living when John Lennon was shot.

I got homesick, so I scraped up
enough money to get a bus ticket back to California.