The Munchees... 
was a rehearsing rock cover band with plenty o'promise...

The guys were Chuck(drums, percussion),
Lionel (guitar,vocals)(Messenger),
and Skip(bass,vocals)(Messenger).
   The band rehearsed for 6 months and played a gig or two,
before lead vocalist Jacquelyn Holland-Wright left for work
on the cruise ship circuit on the Florida Coast.
She moved to Las Vegas, where she had a good run, first as one of Wayne Newton's backup singers, then, the lead in a musical called "Tease" followed by the role of Mama in "Mama Mia". Then she left for Florida again, and then Hawaii to live for a while,
and to get married.
Now, she is back in Vegas, raising a family.
Jacq had a huge voice and could sing anything the occasion called for.