Messenger Project

I played Guitar, keyboards, vocals...pedal steel, and did some songwriting
Genre: Gospel / New International Version put to music ...
 I had been wanting put the Bible to music since I was very young

Photo of a service at Concordia Bible University, Irvine
Music examples can be found on the band site.
Over a hundred songs have been recorded for the project... 

Lionel De Leon had written the bulk of the music for the early years,
then the rest of the band joined in, for more recent CD's.

Players were; Lionel De Leon , guitars , keys, vocals* , psaltery & production;
Fletcher Perkins, bass, harmonica, until 2003 and vocals*
Raymond Genovese, drums*;
In 2004, a new bass player joined named Bart Broadnax...
Tom Alderman; (one of the founding members with Lionel),
played keys, also plays guitar, vocals, and did up
in Northern CA doing solo projects and producing local bands , still rockin' and rollin')

  Here's one I came up with at home on a PC in Cubase VST 5.0, circa 1997
 "Come Follow Me"