The John Stewart Show

Gary Young -keyboards, vocals
Skip - drums, vocals...
a duo, backing a Broadway show-style singer...

         We played a hotel gig near Disneyland for several months.
My new daughter, Lissa was 1-2 years
This lasted until August -  1977...

And I was there the day I heard that Elvis died.

Our little family then moved to Richmond, VA to make a new start-but had problems
and split up.
I was alone, again and got tired of trying to make it as a typesetter in a
local print shop.
Jamming with a local band left much to be desired.

 1978-I saw an advert in a newspaper for a touring lounge band needing a bass player/singer.
                    It just so happened it was within walking distance, and I was without a vehicle.
The total of my equipment was a Fender fretless bass and a small bassman amp.
                    I carried them a mile down the road, did an audition and got the job.
When I left my apartment , I left behind all my recordings and any photos of the days before this.