Build Cities To Create Jobs

We are all subjected to crap

Addicted to crap
It's a war of words,

It's a war separating the one world into factions and fractions, they have us fighting among ourselves, Babylon

Are we not forced to occupy this space, together ?
Peace in your world means peace in mine
But their standards are evil,
they must keep us divided
To remain in power over us
And in control
And reaping rewards for themselves
Combustible, all of it
so we have outlets,
pressure release,
playing in a chain gang orchestra that is
Unto each, a finale

A chance meeting, a meal, a conversation or two later,
Banding together to fight senseless crime, 
insults and saliva spewed in public places,
embarassing every ear that has a hearer... 
Not what life once was... is it?

Who were we, anyway?
From where did all of it come
We once would ask ourselves
And each other

What is life but what we make of it?
Where are we going but where we are taken?
Who is in control?

I have no answers, only questions...

Skip Hahn

My Guitar
Is A Hot Rod

Hot Rod Charlie

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Build new cities in the wilderness, the only real sign of any so-called progress. Invent a new approach, accessible on a  grass roots level. Addicted to the gridnet, we are paralyzed without our cyber sites. So we stare into the eyes of the oncoming beast of our own making...