D o n   B r a w d e r s
July 4, 2005
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A tune Don and Skip recorded, 1995- Flower Of Fire (Rough Mix)
Don at the helm
One of his many fine instruments
Cookin' up something special His latest from Ludwig
Studio Living
Steve West, another Mia Gaz bassist
Here is a tune Skip put together with words from Don back in 1996...Quantum Waves
Some more shots of the day at Don's

Joe and Don... Joe played keys, guitar and harp, and sang.

More Players, More Blues

Bob playing guitar

And this was before the fireworks
Jam1 MAY '06 Don (drums), Jon St. James(guitar) , Skip (bass) Jam2 MAY '06 (same lineup) Jam3 MAY '06 Don(drums) Jon(bass), Skip(guitar-Jon's Eric Johnson Strat) Last Jam MAY '06 Don (drums) Skip (guitar-my G&L Comanche)