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Somewhere near the middle of 1969, I had the opportunity to play with a band that was
playing out as Churchill Downs. They needed keys, I played Hammond and clavinet.

The name was shortened to "Churchill" when there was
a conflict with either Sir Winston or the Race track...

(upper left)  Bob Gulley (vocals , also later played bass, guitar )
(seated)Al Martini played  drums, (front left) Vinnie Turturo played guitar,
(far right) Robert Jolly {Jim's Music, Irvine} played electric bass guitar
Skip - Hammond B-3, Clavinet- vocals (not pictured)

With Churchill backing Brenton Wood (Oogum Boogum Song, Gimme Some Kind a Sign)
for a Concert
or two...

We played a couple places, night clubs, Dancer's Corner in Santa Ana,
High schools, Recording in LA... lasted not much longer than 6 months