The Bonnie Williams Band
Changes produced changes and I ended up wanting something different, for a change.

So, travelling to Philadelphia, Pa. after a call from Bonnie Williams, with whom I had worked,

writing and arranging songs, and then jamming them out with Bill Reinhardt (Night Magic Band) previously when living in Lancaster...

I at least had some idea of what we were going to play.

I took the train to Philadelphia. I was sick for a week or two, from the airborne germs in the coach. 

I also thought it could have been from the deli across the street, where I ate when I first got there.
The doctor said a shot was necessary to get rid of it.
That was also back in the days before I started taking vitamins...
This time out Bonnie and I auditioned some players and rehearsed a few weeks,
 with a couple of  excellent musicians, I must say. Rich played Drums.
Wes, the bass player recorded the CELLAR gig on a little mono cassette tape recorder,
over on his side of the stage,
near a vocal monitor,  Thanks to you, Wes
track 5... "Live"

We played at an underground(in the cellar) niteclub, downtown Philly...
It was called somethin' like THE CELLAR , and it was supposed to be a fairly popular place.
Attendance was sparse, our one and only gig. We hadn't worked out any thing but the songs.
The pacing was slow for our set, every song was a climax for us, but a show was never planned,
and I think we wanted the songs and performance to carry it all...

Something was amiss, the musicians complained and we tried to go and jam with another singer,
a guy who wrote words and rapped if you will. We weren't into that then. I don't know if Bonnie knew or cared if we did it.
We did go to see Genesis, at JFK stadium, I think it held 125,000 people. It appeared full that night.