Lovin' Bunch

The Monacles split off and got a new keyboardist.

I went on to play with a new incarnation of
Guys N' Dolls ...

We picked a new name "The Lovin' Bunch"

Charlotte Varner's sister Mary Ann came along

with Laurel as Go-Go dancers.
The new band members included; 
Larry Melton playing a Guild hollowbody bass;
Keith Anderson played a Fender Telecaster;
John Davino played Rogers drums, guitar, and sang;
 I was still on guitar, keyboards, vocals,
and I got to play drums occasionally...

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We continued to play the Marine
and Air Force bases, teen centers, and high schools.
Later that year;
the band split into another formation when
her sister - Mary Ann,
and Keith left the group -
leaving Skip, John, Larry and Laurel...
Laurel took up keyboards, and vocals,
and they played for a while
in that configuration in...